Andrei Chikatilo the serial killer

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Andrei Chikatilo e1557144590407

Andrei Chikatilo the serial killer

Andrei Chikatilo (16 oct 1936-14 feb 1994) was a soviet serial killer. Chikatilo was nicknamed as the Butcher of Rostov, the Red Ripper, and the Rostov Ripper. He dexuslly assaulted, murdered and mutilated at least 52 women and children in 1978 to 1990 in the Russia, Ukrainian SSR and Uzbek SSR. Andrei Chikatilo confessed of 56 murders and he was tried for 53 os these killings in Apr 1992. And then convicted and sentenced to death for 52 of murders in Oct 1992 and subsequently executed in Feb 1994.

Andrei Chikatilo was known by tne names such as the Rostov Ripper and the Butcher of Rostov. Because he committed the most of his murders in the Rostov Oblast of Russian SFSR

Andrei Chikatilo serial killer


Andrei Chikatilo was born on 16 October 1936 in the village of Yabluche in Sumy Oblast   of the Ukrainian SSR. At the time of his birth, Ukraine was in  grip of a famine caused by Joseph’s forced collectivization of agriculture. Chikatilo’s parents were both farmers, laborers who lived in one-room hut. They received no wages for their work. But instead they received the right to cultivate a plot of land behind the family hut.

The family seldom had sufficient food. Chikatilo himself claimed not to have eaten bread until the age of 12. He and his family often had to eat leaves and grass in an effort to overcome hunger. Throughout his childhood. Chikatilo was told by his mother Anna that prior to his birth. He had an older brother of his named Stepan had. At age four, been kidnapped and was cannibalized  by starving neighbors. Although it has never been established whether this incident actually occurred, or if a Stepan Chikatilo even existed. Nonetheless, Chikatilo recalled his childhood being blighted by poverty, ridicule, hunger, and war.


At his teens, Chikatilo was both a model student and an ardent communist. Appointed as editor of his school newspaper at age 14 and chairman of  pupil’s Communist committee after two years. An avid reader of communist literature, he also organized street marches. Although Chikatilo claimed learning did not come easy to him due to a poor memory. He was the only student from his collective farm to complete the final year of study. And graduating with excellent grades in 1954.

Army service

On completion of his two-year vocational training, Chikatilo relocated to the Urals city of Nizhny to work upon a long-term construction project. While living in Nizhny Tagil, he also took correspondence courses in engineering with the Moscow Electro technical Institute of Communication. He worked in Urals for two years until he was drafted into Soviet Army in 1957.

Andrei Chikatilo performed his military service between 1957-1960, assigned first to serve with border guard in Central Asia, then to KGB communications unit in Berlin. His work record was unblemished, and then he joined the Communist Party in 1960, shortly before his military service had ended.


In 1963 Chikatilo a serial killer married to a woman whose name Feodosia Odnacheva, to her he had been introduced by his younger sister. Chikatilo said, although he was attracted to Feodosia, his marriage was basically an arranged one which occurred barely two weeks after they had met and in which his sister and her husband played an important role.

Andrei Chikatilo told that his marital sex life was minimal, so his wife understood he was unable to have an erection, they agreed she would conceive by him ejaculating and pushing his sperm inside her vagina with his fingers. And in 1965, Feodosia gave birth to a beautiful daughter, named Lyudmila. 4 years later, in 1969, a son named Yuri was then born.

Sexual assaults of the serial killer

In May 1973, Chikatilo the serial killer committed his first sexual assault on one of his pupils. In this incident, he swam towards a 15-year-old girl and groped her breasts and ejaculating as the girl struggled against his grasp. After a months, he again sexually assaulted another teenager girl whom he locked her in his classroom.

He was not disciplined for either of these incidents, nor for the occasions in which fellow teachers observed him fondling himself in the presence of his students. One of his duties at this school was ensuring his students who boarded at the school were present in their dormitories in the evenings; on several occasions, he is known to have entered several times the girls dormitory in the hope of seeing them undressed.



Andrei Chikatilo’s Victims

The list of serial killer Andrei Chikatilo’s  is as following

1 Yelena Zakotnova Female 9 22 December 1978
2 Larisa Tkachenko Female 17 3 September 1981
3 Lyubov Biryuk Female 13 12 June 1982
4 Lyubov Volobuyeva Fmale 14 25 July 1982
5 Oleg Pozhidayev Male 9 13 August 1982
6 Olga Kuprina Female 16 16 August 1982
7 Irina Karabelnikova Female 18 8 September 1982
8 Sergey Kuzmin Male 15 15 September 1982
9 Olga Stalmachenok Female 10 11 December 1982
10 Laura Sarkisyan Female 15 18 June 1983
11 Irina Dunenkova Female 13 July 1983
12 Lyudmila Kutsyuba Female 24 July 1983
13 Igor Gudkov Male 7 9 August 1983
14  woman Female 18–25 July–August 1983
15 Valentina Chuchulina Female 22 19 September 1983
16 Vera Shevkun Female 19 27 October 1983
17 Sergey Markov Male 14 27 December 1983
18 Natalya Shalapinina Female 17 9 January 1984
19 Marta Ryabenko Female 44 21 February 1984
20 Dmitriy Ptashnikov Male 10 24 March 1984
21 Tatyana Petrosyan Female 29 25 May 1984
22 Svetlana Petrosyan Female 10 25 May 1984
23 Yelena Bakulina Female 21 22 June 1984
24 Dmitriy Illarionov Male 13 10 July 1984
25 Anna Lemesheva Female 19 19 July 1984
26 Sarmite Tsana Female 20  28 July 1984
27 Natalya Golosovskaya Female 16 2 August 1984
28 Lyudmila Alekseyeva Female 17 7 August 1984
29 Unknown woman Female 20–25 11 August 1984
30 Akmaral Seydaliyeva Female 10 13 August 1984
31 Aleksandr Chepel Male 11 28 August 1984
32 Irina Luchinskaya Female 24 6 September 1984
33 Natalya Pokhlistova Female 18 1 August 1985
34 Irina Gulyayeva Female 18 27 August 1985
35 Oleg Makarenkov Male 12 16 May 1987
36 Ivan Bilovetsky Male 12 29 July 1987
37 Yuri Tereshonok Male 16 15 September 1987
38 Unknown woman Female 22–28 4 April 1988
39 Aleksey Voronko Male 9 15 May 1988
40 Yevgeniy Muratov Male 15 14 July 1988
41 Tatyana Ryzhova Female 16 1 March 1989
42 Aleksandr Dyakonov Male 8 11 May 1989
43 Aleksey Moiseyev Male 10 20 June 1989
44 Yelena Varga Female 19 19 August 1989
45 Aleksey Khobotov Male 10 28 August 1989
46 Andrei Kravchenko Male 11 14 January 1990
47 Yaroslav Makarov Male 10 7 March 1990
48 Lyubov Zuyeva Female 31 4 April 1990
49 Viktor Petrov Male 13 28 July 1990
50 Ivan Fomin Male 11 14 August 1990
51 Vadim Gromov Male 16 17 October 1990
52 Viktor Tishchenko Male 16 30 October 1990
53 Svetlana Korostik Female 22 6 November 1990


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Andrei Chikatilo serial killer

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