Serial killers and their victims

serial killers
serial killers

serial killers

Serial killer is a term that makes one’s mind, body and soul tremble. This is basically a criminal who’s known for having killed several people in a row. Most investigations uncover a common characteristic shared by most victims of a specific killer. Records project most serial killers to have certain

psychological disorders . Or conditions mainly triggered by unhealthy family circumstances . Or impulsive killing for lust of power or sex. The identity of many serial killers remains unknown as quite a few hide under the garb of an influential life. Many serial killers came to be known publicly on being characterized in famous novels and films.

serial killers

what serial killers do ?

The serial killer, Jack the Ripper’s identity remains hidden till date. Known to kill prostitutes from the White Chapel area of London in 1888 . the compulsive killer murdered the victims with immense cruelty . A few of the bodies of the victims were found to be devoid of internal organs that seemed to be surgically removed .The criminal instincts of Ed Gein send a shiver through one’s body . This serial killers would disinter his victim’s body, use the body parts for aesthetic purposes in his house and design clothes and furniture from the skin . It had been this brutal killer who had been portrayed in the role of Hannibal Lecter in the classic movie ,” The Silence of the Lambs”.

Some Serial killers

Ed Gein, who had been living in an institution for the criminally insane, expired on July 26, 1984. The Zodiac Killer, a criminal of the 1960 s, mainly attacked people between the age group of 16 and 29 years. Known to leave the site of murder with a symbol resembling crosshair, the identity of this serial killers aren’t deciphered yet. A killer whose name stands out boldly in the history of criminology is Ted Bundy. His targets were exclusively women, whom he raped and murdered by strangling or hammering. The criminal was finally executed throughout the electric chair on January 24, 1989.

There were also several women serial killers as well. Mary Ann Cotton was hanged to death for killing more than 20 people for the sake of acquiring their insurance money. Marybeth Tinning was surprisingly found to have killed her very own kids. She was convicted of killing 9 of her biological kids and one adopted son. Nannie Doss, better known as Giggling Granny was convicted of murdering 11 people , all victims being her very own kith and kin. Belle Gunness is reported to have killed 20 people and her kids as well. She’s known to have married and after that killed her various spouses for property. Following a couple of years, the serial killer altered her modus operandi from nviting potential grooms home and after that murdering them. According to wikipedia


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